Desha County, Arkansas

County Departments

Assessor | (870) 222-0927 | Email

The Assessor is responsible for the daily operations of the Assessor's office. The major duty is listing and valuation of real and personal property in the county as established by the Arkansas Constitution and the State Personal and Property Tax Code §26-26-717.

Circuit Clerk | (870) 222-0930 Jury Call-In 870-2220932 | Email

The Circuit Clerk is the clerk of Circuit and Juvenile Courts and acts as the ex-officio recorder for Desha County.

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Collector | (870) 877-2525 or 870-222-2525 | Email

The collector is responsible for collecting all property taxes from the first day of March to the fifteenth day of October during the calendar year after they are assessed.  You may pay online at or by phone at 1-866-257-2055. Any real or personal property taxes not paid by October 15 of each year are considered delinquent and the collector extends a 10% penalty against the taxpayer (ACA 26-36-201).  Before December 1 of each year, the collector prepares a list of delinquent property taxes and delivers the list to a legal newspaper for publication.  All lands upon which the taxes have not been paid for one (1) year following the date the taxes are due are forfeited to the State of Arkansas and transmitted by certification to the Commissioner of State Lands for collection or sale (ACA 26-37-101). Current taxes may be paid in installments. Please contact our office at 870-877-2525 if you have any questions.

Coroner | (870) 222-3128 | Email

A coroner is a government official who confirms and certifies the death of an individual within a jurisdiction. A coroner may also conduct or order an investigation into the manner or cause of death, and investigate or confirm the identity of an unknown person who has been found dead within the coroner's jurisdiction. Responsibilities may include overseeing the investigation and certification of deaths related to mass disasters that occur within the coroner's jurisdiction. A coroner's office typically maintains death records of those who have died within the coroner's jurisdiction.

County Clerk | (870) 222-0870 | Email

The County Clerk maintains all of the Records for County Court, and record all orders signed by the County Judge. (This includes annexations, road vacancies, election results, candidate reports, etc,)

Judge | (870) 222-0990 | Email

The County Judge presides over the Quorum Court which has budgetary and administrative authority over county government operations. The judge holds hearings, appoints board members and prepares annual budgets. The judge is also head of civil defense, disaster relief and the road department.

Burning bans are also determined by the judge.

Sheriff | (870) 877-2327 or 870-222-0933 | Email

The Sheriff is considered the top lawman in the county and performs a range of duties including criminal investigations, traffic law enforcement, and county jail operation.

Treasurer | (870) 222-0875 | Email

The Treasurer is responsible for receiving all monies belonging to the county and keeping an accounting in a designated depository. The Treasurer is also responsible for paying or disbursing all monies as directed by law and maintains records for all banking transactions.

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